5 thoughts on “ Make A Cellphone Work After It Gets Wet”

  1. It is probably fried, especially since you tried to turn it on, but here’s what you can try. Take the battery off/out and lay the phone and the battery somewhere warm (like on a radiator or in a sunny window) for about a week. Do not try to turn it on or anything. Just let it dry out thoroughly. If there is any moisture appearing in the screen, it is not dry yet, just keep letting it dry.

    If, once thoroughly dry, it works, you will be very lucky, but I have seen it happen. It will not work forever though and you will need to replace it, as the circuits inside will corrode. Water damage is not covered by warranty, but if you have insurance on it, it may be covered.

    Good luck!

  2. The same thing happened to me a while ago. I just put my phone on a towel on the counter with the battery out and back cover off and let it sit for like a day or two and it ended up working. I just tried it everyonce and a while and it eventually worked.

    Hope it works for ya


  3. My friend got water on her cell phone. It worked for a while but eventually stopped working. We had to buy her a new phone & sim card (on ebay). I think they were able to transfer the phone #s from the old sim card to the new one though.

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