Find A Lost Cellphone Thats On Vibrate

neligl asked:

The Hubby believes that has led her mobile home from work on Friday? Its above vibrate ago and still cause battery its rings when I call. I am tired of looking, are there another way of finding it. Thank you. Only 2 of us in the house. I was denominante and gommante to hear the sound of vibration but no luck. I have to call insurance morning.

5 thoughts on “ Find A Lost Cellphone Thats On Vibrate”

  1. tear the house apart. check all pockets and bags in the area around where you can tell that is vibrating.

  2. When I last lost my cellphone I called the company and found out what the last call i made or received was and backtracked to where I was when I was talking. Hope that helps.

  3. Some ideas, in case you haven’t tried them: 1. Think of exactly what he did on Fri when he got home or ask him that. 2. Ask him why he thinks he had it at home? 3. Look in car under seat or by door. 4. Ask him what he wore on Fri and look there (i.e. laundry, closet, etc.) 5. Turn out all the lights at night and call it again while you look in most likely rooms (most phones light up and flash even if on vibrate). Hope you find it!

  4. If you have a cat, turn all lights and noisy appliances off and call your phone while watching your cat. They will hear the vibration and go looking for it. I found my phone this way!

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