Create Android Apps

Do you plan to create an Android application?
Here are some tips to get you started:

Rule number 1: Have good idea.

There are lot of apps on Android marketplace that are completely unuseful and are making it difficult to pick up good applications among them.

Do you have an unique idea or reinvented and better old concept?

If so then continue reading:

Making an Android application

Almost everyone dreams of an own application to the Android for example. Now you can use different ways to make an Android application. At present we can not tell you how exactly, but we can guide you to the direction.

  • To develop an application you can use Eclipse or PhoneGap. The difference is that you can build web based application PhoneGap unlike Eclipse where you really need to know Java.
  • If you have chosen Eclipse you can find guide how to install Eclipse with the Android SDK by googling “Eclipse guide”.
  • On the site of Android developers can find the documentation and examples to make your first Android app.

If you have any questions on how to get started with creating Android applications then ask them in the comments below.

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