Cancel A Mobile Phone Contract Early Due To An International Move

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EEZJD asked:

I 'm the that moves again to S.U.A. and more will need or can not use my mobile phone BRITISH. Is there the sense that I can soon conclude my contract with 3?

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  1. Probably not. I know of someone who had to move and had to pay the whole year of their BT landline/broadband contract.

    Worth trying though. But they’ve probably got it sewn up pretty tightly in their small print.

  2. Yes you can terminate your contract, but 3 will be well within their rights to charge you for any remaining months left on your contract.

  3. Well I’m with 02 and I wanted to cancel mine early due to poor service! The only way they’d let me end the contract early was to buy my way out, which worked out more expensive than just paying the bill each month.

  4. you can cancel early
    ask for a final bill explain the why, amount will be number of months left multiplied by the amount you pay per month.

    If you a bit more savvy call now and reduce your line rental to the lowest they will allow you to go to (£25 usually) then once you on your new tarriff call to pay off the remaining months.

  5. Yes you can cancel your contract with 3 but it comes at an price, which is worked out as follows:

    length of contract * cost of line rental + 3% intrest charge for administration work.

    Sorry but it may cost you more than you would imagine.

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