Call A Japanese Mobile Phone From The US Or Europe

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Bill asked:

Nell'comporre landline phone in Japan from outside the country the model is usually dial the country code (81) and then remove the first zero by regional codes. For example, denominargli Osaka by the United States accords this: 011-81 to 6-xxxx-xxxx The regional codes for Osaka is 06. Tokyo is 03. When you call from overseas would laid bare the first zero. My question is whether this same model applies to denominate mobile phones or IP phones that don 't have regional codes, but uses the prefix 0x0: Ex. 090, 080, 070, 050 If my mobile number in Japan is xxx-xxxx 090 that the model was correct when explaining how to call from outside Japan: A. (country code)-xxxx xxxx +81 090 B. (country code)-xxxx xxxx +81 90 For international calls to put naked scratch with the first mobile phones in Japan or not?

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  1. To call using your current long distance carrier please dial as follows
    011 + Country Code + City (if applicable) + Local number

  2. Yes, you strip it. +81 90 xxx

    I live in the US but travel frequently to Japan, and have a pay-as-you-go Japanese cell phone — that’s how my wife calls me 🙂

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