1 thought on “How Much Does It Cost To Activate A Verizon Cellphone”

  1. My fiance works for verizon…..

    You will have to sign a 2 year (in some cases 1 year, But I dont know the details) contract with them so they will have to set up a calling plan for you which will be your monthly bill.

    Now they have an association fee which is activating the ESN (electronic serial number) on the phone and I think it’s like $20 or something.

    They do credit checks too, you might have to pay extra if you have no previous credit.

    Good Luck

  2. well in PA i know it costs $35 might be diffrent for your state but beware, if you have bad or no credit they might ask you to put down a security deposite which you will get back after your contract expires i had no credit so my dad put it in his name b/c they were asking a steep price for the security but when it came to the end of my contract and they seen i had made all the payments in a timley manner they changed it into my name with no security deposit (that is if you like the service and wish to renew)

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