How Much Do You Think The Iphone Will Cost

Myra G asked:

Recently I bought my boyfriend video iPod and digital camera and I just found out about the iphone, frank I am sick of the game continued with the mackintosh but I must admit that the iphone is impressive. Does any know all the details about the price, or the date of publication that is not mentioned on the Web site. The comprereste?

3 thoughts on “How Much Do You Think The Iphone Will Cost”

  1. $499 for 4GB model
    $599 for 8GB model

    US release date is scheduled for June 2007.

    Except for the price I would buy one. It seems to be the most well thought out cell phone design with some neat features. Follow the link for a good article on iphones. Maybe when renewing my phone plan I could get a discount, but for that much money I could buy a laptop. I won’t be paying $599 for a phone no matter how cool it may be.

  2. It will probably be ALOT.. I’m not sure how much though… No I wouldn’t buy it.. in my opinion its a waste of money that could be going on better causes

  3. Yes, I as well as millions will buy this. What a deal when you think that the original ipod was $499 and the ipod I just bought two years ago was $599. The price for future tech is awesome. It would probably cost me around 58 million to produce one on my own let alone purchasing of the patents. Apple could probably sell 1 million of these for $2000 bucks.

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