How Does The Iphone Work Work With Texing

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Realmente not understand how it works and how the program is going to come up As. Im planning sull'ottenere the new iphone that is emerging in July, single program but I want unlimited texting. That adds $ 20 but that include using the Internet? Significo which is the iphone. Youtube, facebook, etc., is only free with the wifi or that nclude the network 3d as well?

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  1. To have an iPhone you have to have the special iphone plan. On the original, the plan was $20 a month with 200 texts. The plan on the new iphone is $30 a month with no texts, if you want (more) texts, you pay on top of that.

  2. Hi,

    Current 3G iphone packages,

    Voice plan for 39.99(450 anytime mins), 59.99 (900 mins), 79.99(1350 mins) or 99.99(unlimited). Depands on how many minutes you need.

    So you can make your combination.

    Data package will start from $30.00 (unlimited email and internet) for personal emails. And $45.00 for Corporate emails and internet.

    And text msg package will be
    $5.00 – 200 text msgs
    $15.00 – 1500 text msgs
    $20.00 – unlimited msgs

    So you choose personal or corporate email data package and IF you want text msgs then you can add text msg on it.

    WiFi is free always which you can use at home or any wifi locations. Speed of WiFi is same as 3G.

    If you have dataplan of $30.00 then you can have free youtube, facebook and all other applications.
    I work for ATT.

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