Hack The Iphone 3g To Use T-mobile Service

carradoll asked:

I have lx assistant hours and get the iphone 3g for my birthday imminent. My friends all say it 's possible to use the iphone with t-mobile. I had the old iphone and used it with T-Mobile using version of the software that I installed on the phone and it worked perfectly. Know all the hacking software that are compatible with the version 3d?

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6 thoughts on “ Hack The Iphone 3g To Use T-mobile Service”

  1. Carradol:

    If you have to hack it, there must be a reason why they didn’t provide it in the first place. Other than making you pay more money for basic service.

    Could this possibly ruin or damage your iphone software with something that’s not compatible?

    There has to be an upgrade that would make this possible. Go to the Mac Store and ask them.

  2. download ipwn for mac or winpwn for the windows version and go through the step by step process to unlock it which can be found in this link right here:

  3. Yeah as other people said, the iPhone has only been out for like a few months and i have the iphone 3G and there is no way you can hack it just yet, give it some time.

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