3 thoughts on “ Add Music From Your Computer On Your Cellphone”

  1. The easiest way and fastest way to do it, which would NOT require cables or cords…is this:

    You need a Bluetooth capable laptop/desktop…and upload your fav. music onto your comp. Then, open a new Folder in your “My Music” File, drag and drop the songs that you want on your cell, into the New Folder, then right click on the song, and it should give you the option of “Send” then it should give you the option of sending it via Bluetooth.

  2. i dont know but u should just get an I-Pod they are so much better, i have one and it is really cool.

    you should get a video but they are a bit expensive so then u should get a nano.

    i wish they still made minis because they are the coolest and i am not kidding my sister has on ebut i just got a really cool, but not as good Nano

  3. hey…
    u shud first select which song u wanna download.then u shud put it on a folder like my documents. then right click the icon of ur song and say..send to.. there will be an option of bluetooth device.
    select ur device name and send it via bluetooth… thats how i do it! but it depends if u have a bluetooth on ur computer, which i suppose u dont.
    in that case simply use ur usb cable and send ur file thru it… in this case u dont even need ur phones blutooth.

  4. You can purchase a USB bluetooth adapter for your computer. And you can download a software program called
    DJ Tone X-press to edit songs to fit on your phone!

  5. I know a site. It’s free. You upload and mp3 off of your computer and use any part of that song and send it to your phone. The more people you have sign up through your link, the more credits you get for ringtones. It also gives you 4 free credits for just signing up.

    1 credit = 1 ringtone.

    Go to my link and click the first box that says Myxer Tones and sign up.

    I promise, 100% free.

    (It’s my boyfriend’s myspace. My phone is in the process of being switched to his service company)

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