Access A Mobile Voicemail From Another Phone

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Simon A asked:

Each network has different numbers to be called or add to the number? How denominated your voicemail orange customer from landline phone or another mobile phone? What number you attack the number of voicemail that you wish to go to?

4 thoughts on “ Access A Mobile Voicemail From Another Phone”

  1. Really, the best way regardless of where you live is to call your own number, wait for the voice mail system to pick up, then press the * (star) key. Usually always works. Then just enter your password.

    Not sure of a direct line, but I hope this method works.

  2. From what i know you just have to call your own number and let it ring till it goes to the voice mail and while the voice mail thing is welcoming you press * or might be # one of the two and it should ask you for your pass just like when you call from your phone.

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