5 thoughts on “ Save Money In The Fastest Way To Buy A New Cellphone”

  1. dont spent it. dont buy candy, cigs, pop. Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow. “Dave Ramsey”

  2. Buy a cheap one what’s the point of having a good one anyway? They’re expensive in five years you will have to get a new one they do all these functions that you don’t need and all you use it for is making calls and messaging. If you ask me waste of money you could go on a holliday with that amount.

  3. ok you lack details — if you are a student, save your allowance don’t go fastfood or gimmicks with friends. if you are working, set aside a percentage of income – again avoid gimmicks or fastfood (bring your food) for awhile. besides cellphone prices drop every month. maybe by the time you are ready, the cellphone cost a lot cheaper. i remember my nokia 6100 i think the flip type with a protruding antenna. at the time when i got it, it was 10, 500 and when in inquired again within 6 months it drop to 8000 i think.

  4. I like to take action to get what I need, so ….

    Instead of passively saving money, I work (2nd job/side job) part time on weekends or at evenings to make extra money.

    That way, I can be sure WHEN I will have enough to get what I need.

    Just my 2 cents!

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