How Do Cell Phone Signals Find My Cellphone

joeanonymous asked:

I live in northern Ontario. I recently traveled in Michigan and have continued to receive calls on my cellphone. As the signal is my phone? I know that the towers cells transmit signals, but I mean that when I call someone on their cell phone that the signal is not broadcast on all the towers as long as it "finds" the phone right?

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  1. No, your cellphone is in constant communication with the cell towers that it can receive and communicate with. This tells the cell company’s computers where you are, so that when a call comes in, it goes to the tower nearest your current location.

  2. Here is a guess:

    When your cellphone operates (ie, is switched on) it sends information to the nearest towers to identify itself to the network, sort of like an ip adress. I think the identifier is the NAM code.

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