How Difficult Will It Be To Replace The Battery On The Apple Iphone

Goldman asked:

I understand you have to convey the iphone only to service center for Apple's battery replacement. That could be huge problem in case the iphone is going to act as cell phone. Can anyone confirm this? Thank you

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  1. The Iphone does not carry a removable battery. Once the Battery is defective, you have to send in your Iphone to Apple.

  2. you’re right-this will be a problem. you will have to send it in for proper replacement of the battery, and the new batteries will be pricey. although there are some legal websites, and some more illegal ones, that sell battery replacement. unfortunately, doing it yourself will void the warranty, even though it may be significantly cheaper, not to mention you can’t guarantee the legality or quality of the website or product. its your call, but personally, i would just send it in

  3. The battery is of very good quality and does not go wrong normally. Its only to be replaced by authorized service center. Any one else trying to do would not enjoy warranty.

  4. Apple has already announced a battery replacement plan…. they will even ‘rent’ you a loner!

    You’ll have to send it in and they’ll send it back to you!

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