How Can I Unlock My Samsung E370 Mobile Phone

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cassy asked:

The phone is currently on mobile Virgin. I want to unlock my phone so I can use it on the whole network (well, I just want to use it sull'arancio!) Does anyone make unlock any codes or meaning of my phone myself and for free (or small price?) Thank you!

3 thoughts on “How Can I Unlock My Samsung E370 Mobile Phone”

  1. There are mobile phone shops that offer phone unlocking if you look round. if you don’t want to look try these pages, see what you come up with.=

  2. yes there are codes for unlocking mobile phones but i suggest that you just bring your samsung to a mobile phone shop that offers unlocking because some codes can ruin the phone’s programming and may damage your phone 🙂

  3. take it to any phone shop on the high street or your local market, they’ll unlock it for you for only about a fiver

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