How Can I Keep My Number When Changing My Mobile Phone

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emma99 asked:

I want to change my handset because I have really old pay phone go while T-Mobile, but I don 't want the dispute cnanging my number. How can I do this in the sense cheaper? Thanks for the great responses thee

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  1. yes thats easy, buy a t-mobile phone and just put your existing sim in the new phone. if the phone you want isnt on t-mobile buy it anyway and then just get it unlocked and put your existing sim in. If you go with contract they will do it free of charge, could take up to a week but they will do it for you no hassle

  2. they have services that help you…whichever phone company you use! They have passed a new law about 2 1/2 years ago that says you can change service providors but transfer your old number. Just talk to your new interest of providor. they will help!

  3. If you are changing network then you call the network who change it for you, or if you are buying another T-Mobile handset, just put the SIM card in and away you go, the guys in the shop where you get the new one should be able to do any techie stuff for you if you want them to.
    What new one were you thinking of?

  4. Just buy a phone that’ll accept T-mobile simcards. I know mine is ancient, it was still One2One when I started using it – works perfectly in my brand-new RAZR, so as long as the handset isn’t locked to another network, you’re fine.

  5. buy a new handset which is compatible with T Mobile and take the sim card out of the old one and put it in the new one

  6. tell the carrier that you activate thru that you would like to port your number and in most cases you will be able to do this.

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