4 thoughts on “How Can I Get An Iphone Plan At The Cheapest Price”

  1. haha…no such thing. Better off getting a blackberry pearl from t-mobile with myfaves. With that, you get to talk to any 5 people for free and data plan is only $20

  2. You can’t. For you to get an iphone to work, you have to sign a contract with AT&T wireless. The cheapest plan they have is for $59.99 which includes unlimited data, 400 anytime minutes, 200 text messages, unlimited nights and weekends. If you’re already on AT&T, you can add the iphone for $20 a month to your family plan, although that’s in addition to the standard $9.99 for the extra line…so cheapest you can ever get it (for now anyways) is $39.99/month.

  3. Try talking to the person who works at your service. Ask what the cheapest plan is. If not good enough, threaten to switch services.

  4. if you already have an at&t cell phone, you can switch to iphone for $20 more a month (plus the cost of buying the iphone, obviously) and get 200 text messages, visual voicemail, and unlimited data/internet each month.

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