Help On What Phone To Buy. Thinking Of Buying K750i Or W800

Asked by mermaid.marie:

w800 is very expensive compared to k750i.. however, i have seen k610i which is okay also.. can you help me choose between k750i and k610i.. their price difference is only 400-500 pesos.. thanks..
please support your answer… thank you so much… i really need your advice guys…

how bout k618i? which is better than k750i??? huhuhu.. i need your answer this week guys.. so please help me..

thank you so much..

2 thoughts on “Help On What Phone To Buy. Thinking Of Buying K750i Or W800”

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  2. i think k750i is a better choice as the function is better than k610i. also the memory card used is different. M2 is the latest version, and the cost is quite high compared to memory stick duo. the only good thing abt k610i is only 3G function on the phone. But do we really use it? overall i think k750i is still a better choice and u can save some money to buy a larger memory for ur phone

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