Google ‘s High Expectations For Android

During the last few weeks are constantly hearing about new devices with the operating system developed by Google, from phones to handheld computers, netbooks and MIDs and even ebook readers, which has the two LCD screens. Google

“Android Adoption Is About To Explode – Android strategy is to offer low cost operating system, complete and open to any manufacturer, so they can concentrate on designing the hardware more attractive. What does Google come of this? More searches made from mobile phones, expected could be major source of growth in the coming years.
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In fact, Google search from mobile phones grew 30 percent from the second quarter, just when there has been strong growth in smartphones: up over 70 percent in the last year and global penetration close to 17 percent.

In addition, Nokia has announced loss for the first time in nearly ten years around 560 million euros in the third quarter and has reduced the market share of its smartphones to 35 percent (41 percent last year) due to the large competition that has emerged in this segment.

According to analysts, Nokia smartphone offer as many or more features than the competition, but “lack of design and allure of brand models that competitors like iPhone and Blackberry -the two manufacturers that have grown most in recent months.

But there is only matter of aesthetics: the Symbian operating system used by Nokia, is clearly outdated and surpassed, and overshadows any attempt of Nokia to offer product at the level of competition, as happened recently with the Nokia N97.

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