Google Nexus One Cellphone – New Information

Google is planning to enter the mobile phone market next year with their first own mobile phone called Nexus one mobile phone
Interesting thing about is that Google is planning to sell this phone to the customers directly without any middlemen to collect all the statistics about its customers and their behaviour.
They are planning to use the collected data in advertising, which could benefit them even more in sales than selling the phone itself.

The Nexus One is produced by Taiwan mobile phone manufacturer HTC Mobile.

If you happen to be talking Vietnamese language, here is the video preview of Google Nexus One mobile phone.

Google Nexus One will be an unlocked cellphone without the need to sign contract to any specific telecommunications company.This will actually give the customer choice and thus impose no restriction on purchasing time. Even in case you often move faster because the software is not tailored for specific provider needs to be developed. Although there were more noises that Google would own the hardware also develop clear again now that Google has really only interested in the OS. HTC is definitely able to build the hardware that fits with the Google OS. google nexus one

The mobile phone will be purchased directly online at Google and you should own right to ensure the proper SIM card and subscription. Prices and an exact delivery date are not known but early 2010 is mentioned as possible release time. Perhaps the Mobile World Congress great moment with all the press that assembled there?nexus one cellphone

All specifications have not yet been announced, but it is sure that the phone will have 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, OLED touvhscreen, the function Text to Speech for use in services of Google Maps and Google Navigator and possible 5 Megapixel camera.

Some models have been delivered to employees due for beta testing and, very likely, to allow you to start viral campaign to create those great expectations that accompanied the success of sales for Apple: tweets, blogs, stolen published photose will create and intensify the aura of mystery and curiosity about the first smartphone made in Google.
The cellphone will run on Google Android OS of course, which is used lot lately in the new smartphones by Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

Google Nexus One Technical Specifications

  • OLED Screen
  • Operating system Android 2.1
  • Capacitive touch screens
  • Scroll Ball
  • Equipped with only one virtual keyboard
  • Technology GSM
  • Processor Snapdragon
  • Thinner than an iPhone
  • Equipped with two microphones, the second on the back to reduce the background noise
  • Camera, described as “very wide”
  • Google would completely redesigned user interface
  • It included function to write voice message saying

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  1. This should be interesting to see if it’ll be able to be activated on the CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon as they don’t usually allow for non branded PDAs on their networks.

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