Google Android OS Is Gaining Popularity

Research shows that Android rapidly gaining popularity, and the iPhone very closely. Windows Mobile is losing ground.

Currently says 21 percent of U.S. consumers within the next ninety days for smartphone to buy an Android phone to go. This contrasts with the situation in September 2009, according to research by Change Wave. Back then, only six percent of consumers for Android. The open source mobile OS is three months in leap of 15 percentage points.

Android popularity on Google Search in 2009
In September Android stayed in the bottom of the smartphone segment but is now risen to second place. According Change Wave is mainly due to the Motorola droid. The iPhone is still in the lead, 28 percent of respondents would rather buy smartphone from Apple. Huge implications The number of consumers choose BlackBerry rose slightly, from 17 to 18 percent. Striking is the decline of Windows Mobile 6 percent choose this system, compared to 9 percent in September. The attraction of webOS Palm deteriorated. The popularity of the OS decreased from 6 to 3 percent. “These findings have enormous implications for smartphone manufacturers,” indicates Wave Change.

“But it is also important to realize that these changes come at time when the industry grows.” Satisfied Consumers are also very pleased with Android. Some 72 percent said very satisfied with the operating system from Google. Here is iPhone is leading with 77 percent very satisfied users. BlackBerry follows with 41 percent, with 33 percent webOS and Windows Mobile is lagging behind with 25 percent very satisfied users. RIM remains the largest smartphone manufacturer, the company yielded 1 percent in market share since September and has 39 percent of the market. Apple rose 1 percent and is second place with 31 percent of the market. Since the introduction of the iPhone 2.5 years ago, the share of the iPhone have increased. Palm has market share of 6 percent. Motorola profit According Change Wave Motorola will benefit most from the new popularity of Android, currently holds market share of the manufacturer 13 percent.

Wave Change predicts an increase of 12 percent, the first increase in consumer research into smart phones in three years.

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