Get Music From Computer To Cellphone


I have laptop to Dell E1505 and razor Motorola. I want to get the music on my phone. I have the itunes and Windows Media Player. Aid please!                                                          * Special K ~ Raider and Tom K,         When I put my razor and I go to my computer I took over the driver and said, please insert the disk drive for E.

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  1. Plug in your Razor to your computer using the cable included, then open My Computer, and click one of the drivers where your Razor is located. There should be a music folder there, and just drag the music into it.

  2. Open itunes (on the laptop) when you plug the usb cable. After some time, a new ‘library’ or whatever your cell phone’s ‘name’ is shall be displayed there. Then, you just drag music from your library into the phone icon. Hope this helps. (I know it will)

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