Does The Iphone Internet Works Exactly Like The One On The Computer

Farrel L asked:

The 'planning M. to buy an iPhone. But before that I must do find out in case iphone can see every Web site just like the one on computer. Fa support safari all websites including JAVA and players instant. I can observe and pics Youtube and other video on Iphone using the Web site interent? One last thing as it takes for page to load?

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5 thoughts on “Does The Iphone Internet Works Exactly Like The One On The Computer”

  1. flash is not on the iphone yet, it is the closest u will get to the internet on the computer for a phone, it has its own youtube section where u can view every single video available, the page speed r average since its running EDGE. in a few months a 3g iphone will come out and the speed will b faster

  2. It’s pretty good for a phone. I think it’s the best. You wont be able to see websites that use the flash player though.

  3. you cant view videos yet, but you can view pics. youtube has a special thing with apple, so there is an icon for an iphone formatted youtube service. i have the ipod touch and i know ppl who have the iphone and i like them both.

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