12 thoughts on “Differences Between The Ipod Touch And The Iphone”

  1. With the new January software update, the only difference is the phone.
    Everything the iPod touch has, the iPhone has. And Vise versa (exept the camera)

    Hope it helps 😀

  2. They are the pretty much the same thing, only big difference is that the touch is available with more memory(and obviously no cell radio).

  3. The iPhone can download maps, it has more memory, there are overall more apps, and it’s bigger. And, there’s a camera.

  4. an Ipod touch is an Iphone without the phone. you can get a phone on the iPod touch though once you jailbreak it.

  5. The Iphone besides texting and placing calls has more applications. It has mail, stocks, maps, and notes. It also is a little bit thicker (because it has to hold all that phone crap). It also has volume buttons on the side. The iPod touch only has volume on the touch screen. The iPhone has an external speaker. With the iPod touch you need headphones. If you need I can help you get the applications I stated above on your iPod touch. Just email me at OR. IM
    me at my AIM screenname at kandykid1221 .

  6. well….as the name sugests the phone function….oh and the camera on the back . but because of the new software update otherwise their pretty much the same….iphone looks a little better i think.

  7. Yes especially with the recent update to the firmware, the touch does everything the phone does (except the obvious).
    The touch also has a larger capacity.

    I thought long and hard but bought the phone yesterday.

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