Difference Between An Iphone And The Iphone Clone

casey s asked: 

Whats the differences between an Iphone and the Iphone clone
A certain type is trying to sell clone released iphone for $ 400.00.

Do people think that this is worth it?

Setting Up Your iPhone Clone for Internet on AT&T – You bought an iPhone clone and now you want to use it on your AT&T line of service. You took the sim card out of your old device and put it in the new one and found that you could make calls with no problem. The text messaging might be …

iPhone Tetris Clone ‘Tris’ Pulled From App Store [Tris] – iPhone gamers who were looking forward to some old school block arranging, you have tiny window in which to buy copy of Tris. The popular Tetris clone will removed from the Apple App Store on… [[ This is content summary only. …

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  1. you can find one for cheaper on ebay that’s unlocked as well…search for the CECT P168 they’re only 215 with shipping. it’ll work with any sim card.

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