Cell Phone Number Privacy

I have had lot of questions asking me, how to do reverse cell phone lookup?

Well, who wouldn’t want to find out, who is the owner of this unknown number, where the call came from.

There are basically 3 ways to do reverse cell phone lookup:

1. Search Google, Yahoo and MSN

People leave footprints everywhere online. Sometimes you will too.

How? By filling out online forms, you may be leaving your phone numbers, names and addresses behind. If you participate in web survey, or even buy something online that could happen and your information will be left stranded or rather indexed aka listed on the search engines.

So, you can do reverse cellphone lookup typing in the full number in the search engines. Find the number and see what results they return. Sometimes, in case you dig deep into the results pages, you might find other personal information such as name and address.

2. Search the Free Phone Listings

If the above method does not work, try the free phone deals. Type in free reverse phone lookup directories or listings and you shoulf find some relevant results. Search the folders and see what you have. Sometimes you can find what you need.

3. Search the Professional Reverse Phone Lookup Services

The above 2 methods are not fail-proof and their success rates are lower than the paid search services. It is understandable. One depends more on luck, while the other is free service and therefore can not be used for accurate results.

Using paid service like number-directory.co.uk, you will notice that the results are more real-time. You can instantly make cell phone reverse lookup without delay. All you need is the full number including area code. Input into the search box and results will be displayed to you within moments. The results appear in professional report formats.

The services often have their databases filled by using data from various sources automatically. This ensures that their information is always reliable and updated.

Bear in mind that its not always good to share your phone numbers to everyone and everywhere. I recommend you to follow these simple phone privacy tips to keep you phone number safe.

In conclusion:

  • If you plan to conduct successful cell phone reverse lookup, such professional services are the ones that can help you identify the phone owner.
  • Follow the cellphone privacy rule mentioned in the url above to keep you phone number safe.

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone Number Privacy”

  1. Some courts have allowed police to search a suspect’s phone without a search warrant, holding that a person does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the phone directory of his cell phone. In contrast, other courts held that it was an invasion of privacy for a wireless company to disclose the content of text messages a police officer sent to coworkers without the officer’s consent.

  2. Yes, Some courts are allowing police to check a suspect phone without any permission or search warrant.

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