Samsung Reviews

Samsung is launching new cellphone that supports the fast developing LTE technology, protocol system to¬†overcome the ADSL home for browsing by mobile phone in terms of speed.¬† So it can be named as 4G phone.At the FCC, the American authority in charge of approving devices that use radio waves, published the first low quality image […]

Samsung Wave is an endearing and mordern smartphone with large display and HD touch screen with accelerometer and multitouch option. It uses Samsungs new operating system called Bada. It has 1 GB internal memory, connectivity, support for DivX, the camera quality and feature rich, great battery life, HSDPA and Wi-Fi and fast access to social […]

As we know, not everyone likes touch devices. For this reason, manufacturers often offer cellular phones with new technologies. The latest arrival is the Samsung Magnet model – small phone with qwerty keyboard and launched few days ago in the U.S. through mobile operator AT & T. The phone has VGA camera and 2.1 inch […]

Samsung has introduced new smartphone – Samsung Sunburst, which is going to be sold by AT & T phones in the U.S. Samsung Sunburst is mobile with 3-inch touch screen. Watch the video review of Samsung Sunburst Sunburst is quite sporty in its design. As discussed above has 3-inch touchscreen, 2 megapixel resolution, Bluetooth and […]

Samsung has finally made official its new series of phones with the nickname Diva. How can immediately jump to the eye such models dedicated to the female audience predisposition to view the special attention to details and aesthetics , mirror surfaces and soft colors. Samsung Diva is line of phones designed for the female audience. […]

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