Nokia 6650 Review

Nokia 6650 Review One of its cornerstones is the ability to see that you’re talking to, known as video telephony. Nokia does not mean that video telephony is the key to 3G. Instead, Nokia believes that we consumers want the ability to send and download movie clips, download games, check the website and simply be … Read more

LG KS20 Smartphone Review

As the first fall in this phone is the weight and dimensions, because for smartphone, the KS20 with 95 grams of weight very easily, even the size of only 99.5 x 588 x 12.8 mm is comparatively small. The device has 2.8 inch large Tochscreen of 262,144 colors and resolution of 320 x 240 pixels … Read more

Nokia 5800 Review And Video

For the first time in long time Nokia has released mobile phone with touchscreen. The display screen is like an iPhone , but the price is significantly lower. We have already tried it. Given that the price is relatively low (for mobile of this kind) so raised my suspicions immediately that Nokia saved on expensive … Read more