Mobile Phones & Plans

dateariel asked: I 'm the user of phone T-Mobile and will go to Thailand for some months. When I 'm in Bangkok, I want to buy card paid in advance of the phone. Anyone knows in case you that you have to unlock your mobile phone before you can buy card paid in advance in […]

jocksnguis asked: I want to make my personal mobile phone with an image (background). But as I get picture from my PC on my mobile phone? My mobile phone does not support USB or bluetooth.

bestmumever asked: I washed my new mobile phone members in the washing machine because I have not realized that has left pocket. However, we rescue the phone.

julie r asked: I'm about to sign new contract for about 30 telephones of work. Can anyone put certain opinion (preferably born of experience) on what is good mobile phone for use on places of buildidng?

mariposa6809 asked: I want to upload tracks of music out of my PC to my mobile phone, for use as ringtones. I used to have Motorola and even in case I didn 't the gradice for texting, it was good to use for ringtones. Now Nokia has over 3, love the phone, but can 't […]

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