Can You Disable The Camera On A Mobile Phone

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JoJo asked:

I want to get new mobile phone but the choices are very limited on those who do not have camera. Is there any way to make sense of voids the camera on any of mobile phones out there that have one? My job does not allow an employee bring camera on the premises, even in case you can take your mobile phone. Thank you! Rockingorangejuice, I mentioned in my question, the choices are very limited with my carrier and I DON ‘T gradice the 3 they have. Prefer to obtain chocolate LG or Motorola Krazr. Thanks BobW. That I was’ afraid, and d is the case ….. Thanks ZiggyZeox! That sounds promising. I ‘ll control in it!

4 thoughts on “Can You Disable The Camera On A Mobile Phone”

  1. I hear you. This has gotten hard. Many places which allow phones don’t allow cameras and there just aren’t that many camera-free phones out there any more. (Think jury duty: sitting around for hours and having your phone confiscated because it has a camera you weren’t planning to use.)

    I think the answer is pretty much “no”. If you can disable a camera outside the gate, you can re-enable it inside the gate. You’d have to physically break the lens and show it to the guard at your workplace.

  2. The Sony Ericsson W950i is a pretty neat way to go. It’s one of the latest phones out, and has lots of features – for the music and business user alike. The best thing is it’s great for you because it’s one of the the few phones that doesn’t sport a camera at all. It’s a bit expensive, but a good choice in your situation. The 4 gig memory isn’t a bad investment either 😉 .

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