Can The ROKR E1 Only Hold Songs BOUGHT From ITunes

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x_rubberduckie asked:

On well-known review of phone, said this.:   Scheduled in software, Apple has limited the ROKR 'capacity of music s. Capable only required amount to 100 songs, the constraint imposed ensured Apple wouldn 't cannibalizza its own market dominant iPod. Given these limitations, the ROKR may hold only about 8 albums; enough just for weekend departure. In addition to purchasing music from the storage of iTunes, users can add the songs from their own CD; importing songs to the iTunes library. Unfortunately, only files formatted iTunes are permitted, so as to other file formats (like MP3s) call: "The file has information is not identifiable. Cancellation? " Does that mean that songs on my computer (not purchased from ITunes, or imported from CD), won 't work on the ROKR E1? Please Explain in detail, thanks.

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