Can The Iphone Work With Any Portable Player

dasmygurl asked:

I got to the P23-speakers portable player Roxy from the storage b4 of the apple iphone came out and I thought that worked together but it doen 'T.I' from the VE bought mercury too. On apple Says w / ipods compatible but not the iphone. Yet is there anyway to get to arround that? The measures and then it reads the groove "comp" of the device, so I tried the dbl I parteggiato cables aus. male. Still nothing. So I guess the 'the m. Once that question in case there is something out there I can buy to put the speakers on my iphone that 'portable St. Thank you.

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  1. iPhone complains about most iPod accessories… but they still work.

    I’ve used car adapters and several speaker systems… all work, but the radio car kits have some interference.

    Airplane mode works even with the radio car adapters.

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