Can Anybody Explain Why US Cellphone Users Are Apparently Charged For Incoming Calls/texts

jimobasa asked:

Here is BRITISH, is the person making the call or transmitting the text that is loaded. There is no charge to any person receiving the call or the text unless they are using their phone outside the United Kingdom (international that vague). On several occasions, friends in the United States have asked me not to call / text them to certain times they will be loaded. Why should be loaded when I already paid for the call / text? A program BRITISH very basic phone could cost £ 25 per month with 300 minutes including voice and 100 texts. These minutes and texts included are not influenced in any way by the calls received s lyrics. Even in case person 's service was limited due to the non-payment so that they can not make calls or send texts, can still receive normally calls / texts. Realmente seems as mobile users in the United States is screwing from their service providers so as to charge function that is everywhere else free.

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  1. Most cell phone plans here whenever you hit the send key you are charged a minute. or for the text message.

    Its just different here in America, There are some free incoming plans for some carriers, but then you usually get less outgoing minutes.

    I guess were just used to pay whenever you hit the send key…

    Hope this makes some sense

  2. When cellular technology was being rolled out in the US in the 1970s, the prevailing wisdom then was that the cellular user was responsible for all charges due to use of the airwaves. There was no agreement in place that would allow the cellular co’s the ability to bill landline customers for calling cellular phones.

    Why? Money. Cellular phone calls cost lots of it, and the landline user had no use for footing the bill to call some rich person on their newfangled phones. Nothing comes for free. The system exists to this day.

    Calling Party Pays, the system in place everywhere else, makes more sense in that the caller should foot the phone bill, no matter how it’s completed. But in the US, that’s water under the bridge, and until there’s enough critical mass to make the shift to CPP, we are where we are.

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