Can A Cellular Phone Affect A Computer If It Is Left Near It

8675309(jenny) asked:

Can phone affect computer in case it is left near? It can ruin your monitor? It can ruin your motherboard? When I use my cell phone, cause interference with radios, speakers and televisions. It seems that could ruin my computer.

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  1. No impossible. at most the speakers might pick up some feedback or noise. but it can’t damage anything…. other than your brain….

  2. Nope. It is just fine to keep your cell close to your computer. Don’t worry about it. It won’t hurt a thing.

  3. i think the two frequencies can mess computers up. whenever my computer is left near my cellphone, it sometimes will make a funny noise. i hear it more often with stereo systems. call your wireless network and ask questions if you feel the need to.

  4. It will cause interference, but it will not ruin it. My cell phone does the same thing to my monitor and my speakers. My monitor gets lines across it, and my speakers make odd noises. It’s nothing to worry about.

  5. Yes, they don’t want to admit it. I am sure my new phone crashed my computer. It causes static and noise on the speakers and makes the monitor go haywire. Anything with that much electromatic radiation can easily cause a write error to your hard drive messing up your operating system and I am pretty sure that is just what happened. It even causes noise on the bank’s computers when I go there!
    I first realized there was a problem when it started making noise on my car radio. Now I keep it outside the office. There are lots of websites that cover the problem.

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