Bluetooth 3.0 Review

The Bluetooth SIG announced in April last year, Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed on, as successor to the Bluetooth 2.1 standard. The new version is significantly faster by the SIG: Bluetooth 2.1 with which maximum of approximately 2.1 Mbps is set, version 3.0 would in theory can reach 24Mbps. In addition, the new bluetooth version use less energy.

Good to know:

Under the revised standard, the Bluetooth radio used to find devices and to establish the connection, but when large amounts of data to be transferred, click over to bluetooth 3.0 wifi variant. This technique, which alternate mac-phy is called, combines the best of both standards for construction of connections is simple and energy-efficient Bluetooth protocol, whereas the 802.11 wifi version of speed of 24Mbps possible.

Samsung has not announced the device. The Korean manufacturer usually takes about twenty sets them to present at the Mobile World Congress, will be held later this month in Barcelona.

The Samsung S8500 is going to be the first mobile phone in the world that is using Bluetooth 3.0. It is touchscreen phone with 3.1″ screen. Probably the Samsung S8500 will be officially announced at the MWC, later this Month.
S8500 is probably one of the first devics to use Bada, the new Operating system by Samsung. The device has 3.1 “OLED display with resolution of 800×480 pixels. The S8500 is powered by chip on Cortex-A8 core runs and the new 2.0 version of Samsung’s own Webkit browser Dolfin. The most specific specification However, the Bluetooth version: 3.0, so is the adoption of the Bluetooth SIG, the body which approves all bluetooth devices with them on the market.

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  1. Good informative post! Bluetooth is a wireless technology for creating personal networks operating with a range of 10 meters. Networks are usually formed ad-hoc from portable devices such as cellular phones,handhelds and laptops.

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