Block My Cellphone To Prevent Others From Using It

arey3bzd8c asked:
Does anyone know, how its possible to to completely block my cellp hone and prevent others from using it?
The thing is – I completely lost my BlackBerry Onyx last week and i would like to block access to my BlackBerry Onyx so other people couldn’t do bad things with it.
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  1. first and foremost…..get a hold of your service provider and let them know whats going on..

  2. tell the wireless company to stop your service because your phone was stolen. that way the thief cant use it because it has no service.

  3. 2 ways….
    if u had put password on sim change (as this set supports) then it can work for u, u just have to give application to block ur sim. But it only works if u had done before.
    Another way is ur set IMEI number. U have to giv application to police station stating ur phone was theft stating ur IMEI number and its copy to GSM office (ur case O2 service centre) and they might help u find out where ur Handset is at this moment.

  4. You could call your service provider (or manufacturer) and tell them what happened – they may be able to send the phone some codes that will ‘lock’ it, or they could stop it from making any calls, sending messages.etc . If you are worried about someone running up a huge bill, call your service provider (people you pay to be able to call people) and close your account. Also, notify the police about the theft.

  5. There are lot of software which acts as anti theft. In these softwares, the phone is coded with a password and locks itself after receiving a call from preset phone number. Any wrong password or sim change will not be accepted by the phone in case of theft. Moreover, some software give you an option to get sms containing the location information of the phone in case of theft to some designated phone number of your choice and even sounds alarm every preset time, just like your car anti-theft alarm. You can search for compatible softwares for your phone on net.

  6. You could use a security code. If the security code is entered in incorrectly 3 times in a row, the phone blocks itself and you need to get a code from your wireless provider to unlock it.

  7. It depends on the type of your phone. If it has a service, like Tmobile, cincinnati bell, etc., then you can call them and they will turn off the service and the phone. If it is prepaid, they will have to buy their own minutes anyway, but , if you call the company it is from, they usually can disable the SIM Card.

  8. please block my celphone so that it cannot be used Nokia 2330 IMEI 358227031927525 ,lost but not stolen .

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