BlackBerry RIM Bought Iris Mobile Browser

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has pulled out the wallet and bought Torch Mobile, who is the developer of the well-known mobile web browser called Iris.

The greatest weakness of RIM’s BlackBerry phoneshas always been the browser functionality.

Iris is based on WebKit, the same technology used in browsers for the iPhone, Palm and Android Pre-phones. It appears therefore that BlackBerry’s also going to get an WebKit-based browser.

The browser in BlackBerry OS has been critizised for years for its bad usability and website rendering. The software has an awful lot of trouble with the most normal websites and especially the use of JavaScript can cause problems on the famous smartphone.

RIM has recently announced that it would build support for Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight.

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  1. I have to see,the Opera Mini 5 is the best web browser so far,I would like to download and install Opera for this phone.

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