BlackBerry Desktop Manager For Mac

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac computers will be probably available from 25th September.

BlackBerry announced that the BlackBerry Desktop for Mac will be available on Friday this week.

Finally can BlackBerry phone users synchronize their device with their Macs even easier.

As early as the beginning of September there were initial indications that the desktop manager can not bee to far away , as well as development version has been leaked on the net.

Since RIM has promised release date in September, is the probability that the app is on Friday.

Using the software, it should be possible to transfer new software and games on your Blackberries using Mac computers.

So far, BlackBerry users were forced to use PocketMac for BlackBerry, with the help of which the Entourage, Address Book, iCal, and can transfer notes.

With the Desktop Manager, RIM will go one step further: Even music is easily transmitted and you can make backups for yourselves.

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