BlackBerry Bold 9000 Review

Blackberry Bold in my mitts!

BlackBerry Bold smartphone first impressions.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone is equipped with sober black packaging, where only the BlackBerry logo can be found. In the box you will find yourself directly to the BlackBerry Bold 9000. The packaging is simple, it was fun as there was more attention. The supplied accessories include headset, cable and charger. There is no CD with software included unfortunatelly, the software can be downloaded via the BlackBerry site only. The BlackBerry Bold mobile phone looks looks very nice, but the back is does not fit in the front very well.

During the test period, I had lot of positive reactions. On the side are two shortcuts for voice dialing and the camera function.

The front of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 consists of large screen with full QWERTY keyboard. The screen is really crystal clear. It surprised me to see the background picture. Also, there were at the test unit included number of video clips with sound quality also emerges, so you can watch movie! The resolution of the screen is 480×320. The full keyboard is easy to operate and the keys, even for my big fingers, all easily accessible. After day text messaging and you should not have more different. On the front there is also trackball for navigation. The trackball works well only for scrolling in long lists, such as the phone book, would in addition to the usual trackball keys more than welcome.

Blackberry Bold 9000 video review

Blackberry Bold 9000 features

HSDPA, nice and fast browsing as modem for your laptop, and possibly through cheap VOIP calls can be made.
* WiFi, so you can have faster internet
* Beautiful even youtube browser with flash support. Because the browser is optimized through the back he is very fast. All things that are not necessary for mobile will be removed.
* GPS and geo-tagging with support for number of navigation packages such as the free Nav4All but also paid versions with such traffic. This GPS can also be used for geo-tagging photos, videos and registration route.
* Beautiful video screen with the same resolution, but not the same size as the iphone
* Camera with better photos and video

The 4.5 software that comes with tidy, but each BlackBerry user in cooperation with Bes 4.15 for free can get the following features:

* Real html email,
* Good quality pdf viewer,
* Downloading and editing Word / Excel
* You can all email in your Exchange box find and use.
* Todo flags support (that’s convenient for me, long wait)
* Looking into agenda to availability colleagues
* Managing multiple calendars

BlackBerry Bold

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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold 9000 Review”

  1. Intel doesn’t make PXA processors anymore; they’re owned and manufactured by Marvell. It’s been almost 2 years; how hard is that to remember?

  2. Why FM radio is not in the Blackberry smart phone. I am talking about the common, normal, everyday FM frequency receiver that is available in every country’s local radio station. It is just a simple stroke of pen that Blackberry just simply refuse to have it in the phone. Even the 1st generation cellphone has FM radio built-in!

  3. love this new unlocked blackberry 9000. definately my favorite qwerty phone. great email, fun internet, great for business too. it’s smaller and faster than my old phone and the screen is bigger and more responsive. very happy with my new phone. got my last 2 at, def 2 thumbs up

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