Blackberry 8100 Cellphone, Need Help With Ring Tone

blackberry cellphone
Brighteyes asked:

I just bought used phone of blackberry and when I called, the alarm shuts off. Why does it happen ?  I get that ab / c really not so anxious to convince ring. Please help!

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  1. go back to your profile settings. It may be on loud but go into it to edit it. Go to the phone section and maybe there it is set differently.

    Highlite Loud and hit the options key
    Select Edit
    Select Phone

    Change your settings there.
    There are so many settings on the pearl for sounds it can get confusing. Just have to dig deeper sometimes. Let me know if you need more help.
    Good luck

  2. You can either use your Help option.


    Go to your ‘Profiles’ , ‘Advanced’ , ‘Loud’ , ‘Phone’, and check the ‘out of holster’ and ‘in holster’ tune and volume, make sure its not on Mute and there is a tune there

    Hope this helps!! good luck!!

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