Best Samsung Omnia Apps

Here is hand-picked list of the best Samsung Omnia apps to download.  samsung omnia apps

If youknow any other useful and fun applications for Samsung Omnia that we haven’t mentioned then let us know in the comments!

Registry Editor

the registry editor allows you to edit your samsung omnia registry where all its configuration and tweaks are stored. it allows you to do the following tasks : explore the registry to find the operating

ThumbCal: Calendar and Task manager

And for me it’s really hard to believe that people actually use the default Samsung Omnia app because it truly is completely unusable without stylus and above all, has confusing, unfriendly (and oh so ugly!) interface.

WalkingHotSpot: Samsung Omnia WiFi router

WalkingHotSpot is Samsung Omnia app that will allow you to save money. If you subscribed to an unlimited data plan with your mobile network provider, then this app is definitely for you. WalkingHotSpot will allow you to turn your

Google Calendar.

Inesoft Calendar is Samsung Omnia app that will allow you to use Windows Mobile’s calendar/task infrastructure and improve it two-fold. First it will provide nice beautiful finger-friendly interface optimized for one-handed usage,

Real Football Manager 2010 Game for Omnia

ok here is the HTC labyrinth game. Now every1 listen carefully. First download the HTC G sensor files and put them in the ‘windows’ folder in ‘my device’

best samsung omnia applications

Samsung Omnia Flashlight Application


Keeping the promise I made earlier regarding the compatibility list for Samsung Omnia Software, since the app reviewed in the previous post isn’t compatible with the whole Samsung Omnia family, here is WalkingHotSpot alternative for

New Samsung Omnia software from Verizon drops shortly; so long

New Samsung Omnia software from Verizon drops shortly; so long, GPS lock. Posted by Zach Epstein on Jul 16, 2009 3:54 pm 41 comments. Filed in Exclusives, Handsets, Samsung, Software, Verizon, Windows Mobile.

I hope you found some software for Samsung Omnia that is useful for you.

Also check out our review on Samsung Omnia and add your opinions of this phone in the comments!

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