Best Google Android Applications

Here is review of some of the best Google Android applications to download.

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SMS Commander Android App

Posted by Nikom Wednesday, September 23, 2009. Review of SMS Commander of – The definitive source of Android app reviews.. Search commander g1 google android app review gps sms tmobile ringer volume to vibrate.

Spotify Google Android App

Below is video demo of the forthcoming Spotify app for Google Android mobile phones. Unlike the recent video that was circulating showing what looked like an.

Facebook App For Google Android

Facebook Google Android App – Home Screen Widget. Users can also launch the application and see their friends and their status updates. I liked that I could then click on “I Like This” for status messages I agreed with or click on the.


An open source app for music social network, TuneWiki lets users share what they’re listening to with each other, or to use Google Maps to find what users around the world are listening to. TuneWiki also plays audio and video for songs while scrolling synchronized lyrics as they play. The application creates virtual library of songs that hooks up to the Internet and suggests similar-sounding songs or artists.

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Marathon Liveblog

The T-Mobile G1 Android phone is now available, and you’ve seen our review. Now we’re going to take on the apps in the Android Marketplace. How are they? Are they good enough to justify two year commitment to T-Mobile?

Voice Recorder App

In true Google Android app fashion even simple application such as voice recorder offers sleek interface, nice large touchscreen friendly icons and intuitive use and search functions. Voice Recorder features that same trademark.

FBabble For Google Android

FBabble – Google Android App – Mainscreen. Underneath the main updates screen you’ll find each of your available friends and their online status, red equals offline and green means online.

Many of the apps mentioned here can be downloaded for free and lot of them are completely open source.

If you know any android apps that we haven’t mentioned yet then let others know in the comments!

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  1. There are a lot of apps that allow you to kill time while actually getting smarter/more skilled. There should be a thread on here for such applications, apart from your standard utilities and games. For instance, there are a number of trivia and quiz apps out there, many with useful information. I recently downloaded one called GeoQuiz from Brain Cafe. It was cool, questions about the planet with lots of interesting facts. Granted the developers could stand to add a little more content, but the point is that cell phone apps don’t have to be mindless and more attention should be devoted to those that are not. My two cents.

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