Best Cell Phones In 2009

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that ended few days ago announced the best phones of 2009.

The proud title was given to HTC Hero produced by the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer.

Without going into the summer sales have been Hero, the third HTC phone that uses Google `s Android operating system. Several tests have been referred to the iPhone, each equal to or less than `the courage to compete võivaks phone.

Well-known tehnology blog Engadget rated this gadget great phone, which is beautiful internally as well as externally.

Other nominees for the cell phone of the year were Samsung Star, Nokia Mini N97, Blackberry Bold 9700 and the Samsung Omnia HD.

2 thoughts on “Best Cell Phones In 2009”

  1. one of the best cells in 2009 was nokia n97 in the higher segment and samsung corby in the lower seg
    n97 qwerty and touchscreen added 2 its high end features,,,,,,,,,,although the price could have been much less den dat quoted
    as for corby izz unbeatable at izz price within 20$(in india now for 8k)at this price samsung izz givin a capacitive touchscreen phone,,,,,,,,now dats sweet!

  2. Hey thanks for this! The improvements are excellent. New phone speculation aside, as long as I can access my banking info it’ll be good.

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