We get lot of questions, where we are asked, which is the best android phone currently on the market?

The question seems simple, but it’s not that simple to answer it, because of the various qualities that people need from smartphone.

So you really the final decision is still up to you. BUT we can help you to make your decision.

We collected our reviews about android phones in this blog post to make your selection bit easier.

Check it out!

Nexus One Android Review Google introduced yesterday their new touchscreen mobile phone, which uses their own operating system called Android. Android operating system is open source.

HTC Hero Android htc herald, htc hero, htc hero android, htc hero android phone, htc hero g2, htc hero phone, htc hero specs. Share and Enjoy. Digg · del.icio.us · Mixx · Google · Propeller · Reddit · Yahoo! Buzz · StumbleUpon …

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 android The Sony Xperia X10 is Ericsssons first Android phone. We still have to be patient,because the unit will be available in the first quarter of 201. What is it going to cost? No idea, but i will probably be around 600 Euros. …

HTC Droid Eris Review Motorola Droid is the high-end model of the new Android phone from Verizon portfolio. The HTC Droid Eris is the cheaper alternative for US consumers. If we are to believe the messages from America than the HTC Droid Eris, smaller, …

motorola cliq android … and is intended to capitalize on the popularity of social networks like facebook and twitter. the mobile, the first result of its partnership with google, is… || read the full review and see video review at cellphoneanswers.info! ||

HTC Tattoo android So this is indeed the cheapest android phone and its phenomenal. As far as indian market is concerned. The Hero is 31000RS and the magic is 24000 RS. My guess is that the tattoo will be priced around 19000RS which is still cheaper when.

In addition, here is short video of the best Android phones in 2009