Acer N35 Review

To describe the Acer n35 GPS suffice to say these words, “No problem to set up or omissions in the GPS receiver. Turn, raise the antenna, choose your destination, go! “L ‘Acer in virtue’ of the growing demand of users and the market to have chance ‘of being able to count on PDA and that’ can turn into navigation system and satellite cartographer has put handheld on the market as the N35.
In fact, raising the receiving antenna located on the back of the device activates the browser. The mapping and ‘developed by Navteq and maps from across Europe have been revised the application Destinator 3. In addition, the N35 and ‘with Secure Digital card from 256 Mb which are preloaded in the application and all the maps of Italy; to add other maps will be installed on the PC utility Destinator Console by which you can’ add any European map.

Of course you can easily create their own maps also. The maps are provided by an excellent level of compression and the presence of fine detail. Each map and ‘integrated Then from 1000 (points of interest) to facilitate the search for route, hotels, restaurants, museums and petrol stations. The vision of distances can ‘occur in two or three dimensions and with different combinations of colors suited to light from day to night (activating function Map Night).
Thanks to the microphone you will be ‘warned in the’ you lose the GPS signal or exceeding speed limits’. After many tests in the center of Milan and ‘noted that the waiting time for receiving the satellite signal to locate its position is quite low. The N35 is sold equipped with suction cup so you can place on vehicles and 12-volt charger to attack all’accendisigari.

The Acer n35 GPS has Samsung processor at 266 MHz S3C410 As for the memory and ‘equipped with 32 MB of flash memory (ROM), dedicated to the operating system and applications to prevaricate, and 64 MB of RAM for data uploaded by the user. The weight of the Destinator software does not feel as it is loaded on the memory card Secure Digital. The display active matrix LCD has standard size (3.5 “), and ‘made up of 65,000 colors and QVGA resolution of 240 * 320 pixels, and the technologies used LTPS allows clear view of the images without having to consume lot of battery.
The model fitted by handheld and ‘Lithium-Ion 1000 mAh whose autonomy and’ significant: on keeping the Pda with maximum brightness’ of the display and GPS navigator disabled can reach 224 minutes in duration.

Pros: Integrated GPS, Easy to use, elegant design; Brightness’ display

Cons: No wireless connections, few accessories in the package for sale

Conclusion: The Acer with this product combines the new trend in handhelds, focusing more and more ‘in offering range of GPS sensors and software that lets you turn the PDA into complete system of navigation and satellite mapping. This handheld bride completely this trend and offers at price more ‘acceptable. So in case you have the need ‘to have small portable desk also knows that the way could be the ideal choice.

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