Acer DX900 Review

Among the representatives of the newly created time series, presented at the last Mobile World Congress 2009, the Acer DX900 was definitely one of the most anticipated. The reason is in the phone module integrated dual SIM feature rare species in the landscape of terminals based on Windows Mobile Professional. But this is not the only important feature in the terminal, which is proposed as an interesting all-in-one: SiRF Star III GPS, VGA display and full wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn wealth of specific interest for sure.  acer dx900 review

Tested for whole week, the DX900 has managed to impress in the performance of many of his pleasant features.

Particular performance has shown, in accordance with tradition that finds its roots in Glofiish device (the mobile division of E-TEN was recently acquired by Acer),
the satellite system: tested in difficult conditions (within housing, and distance of over one meter from the first window with views of the sky), the system was able to make the first fix in less than 5 seconds, after updating of the ephemeris and almanac GPS. After coupling the minimum number of satellites has never fell below three, confirming the excellent qualities of an “agent” in driving.
acer dx900The ergonomics of use is good. Its bit hard to control in case you are holding it only with your one hand.
The cross-directional control with one hand to text can be uncomfortable because, along with two physical buttons is placed near the bottom edge. Nothing that is not exceeded after little ‘training.
Acer DX900 keyboard is quite easy to use. You can control it with the pencil that comes with the phone or alternatively by simple finger pressure, is the instrument par excellence of input use on the DX900. The physical buttons are reduced to those necessary (its easy to start and end calls). The sensitivity of touch is found to be in the medium range, the film requires more pressure than other competitors, but in any case it is accurate and reliable.
By contrast, tactile interface is right at your fingertips is comfortable and intuitive, even when hands free is reduced by one.
The weight of this smartphone is quite small and it is easy to carry with its only 147 grams.
Acer DX900 Features

Smartphone – Dual SIM
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional



Operating System:

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Telephone features:

  • Support two SIM at once
  • GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900
  • EDGE / GPRS Class 10

Display and keyboard:

2.8-inch TFT display (640×480 pixels) to 65536 colors

Processor and memory:

Samsung S3C6400 533 MHz (ARM1176JZF-S)
128 MB RAM
256 MB ROM
Expandability with microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO
Supports High Capacity Memory Card (SD 2.0/HC) than 32GB


Main 3.2MPX (2048 x1536 pixels) CMOS sensor
Digital zoom, autofocus and LED flash
Video capture (320×240 pixels)
Secondary VGA video calls

Integrated GPS:



Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g
Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR, A2DP)
USB 2.0


Interface Spb Mobile Shell


Li-Ion Polymer 1530 mAh

Size and weight:

106 x 60.5 x 17.5 mm
147 grams

Final verdict on Acer DX900

A model certainly interesting, versatile, feature-rich and steeped in technology.
The DX900 is terminal of Acer Windows Mobile, which supports Dual Sim. It also has department connective track, dual cameras, large touchscreen display, GPS and expandable memory.
Perhaps the purchase price may be slightly high but must deal with what is sought by device.

NB The review is meant as simple explanation of features, features and rumors and not derived from an actual test of the phone.

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