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Not so well known South-Korean cellphone manufacturer called Pantech has just announced its first Android device, the Pantech Sirius. The Sirius is very slim (only 11.5mm thick) touchscreen smartphone, with similar functions to Google Nexus One and HTC Desire. The device is based on the Android OS 2.1 and has 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA touchscreen, 1Ghz […]


Samsung is launching new cellphone that supports the fast developing LTE technology, protocol system to¬†overcome the ADSL home for browsing by mobile phone in terms of speed.¬† So it can be named as 4G phone.At the FCC, the American authority in charge of approving devices that use radio waves, published the first low quality image […]

Here is comparison of HTC’s Wildfire and Desire cellphones. The phones are quite similar, but there are some noticable differences that separate these two. Here are the main points to consider, when choosing between Desire and Wildfire: Desire has significantly better screen (3.7 inches AMOLED vs 3.2 inches TFT on Wildfire) Desire has better processor […]

Samsung presented new smartphone that uses the Android operating system. It’s called Samsung Galaxy S. It will be the new flagship of Samsung smartphones. It provides the opportunity for developers of advanced applications and new revenue streams for operators. Everyone will get benefit from this new device: starting from the consumer up to application developers […]

Nokia 5230 is touchscreen phone by the Finnish manufacturer on the market. Early this year, It is cheaper than Nokia 5800 and has less features. Last summer, the Nokia 5530 was launched. Now Nokia brings the 5230 is on the market. The big difference with the 5800 and 5530 lies in the price tag that […]

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