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The LG Arena KM 900 is full touch device. This means that the phone is operated entirely via the touch screen. The LG phone is the LG Arena this year. The LG Arena is everything you would expect modern mobile phone. The LG Arena KM 900 is real touchscreen, includes 5 megapixel camera, supports WiFi […]

We got The first images of this new phone by Samsung in March, but now comes the official announcement and the change of name from Eltz to Lucido S7220. Samsung lucido has large 114 × 46.3 × 11.8 mm display. technology that uses large AMOLED 2.2 with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This camera, […]

N900 or Nokia Rover as some call it, is first new internet tablet by Nokia that is based on Linux platform Maemo 5. The reference software is Maemo 5, an open-source solution daughter of the GNOME project. The Nokia N900 integrates an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, up to 1GB of memory for applications and graphics acceleration […]

The LG GM730 is full touchscreen smartphone with high quality features. The device runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 which is nice and fast. Also makes the GM730 using the S-class user interface from LG and is based on cube. When finger across the screen rotates the cube quarter turn each time and another home screen. […]

Here is list of The best apps made for this epic phone by Finnish mobile phone company Nokia. Free Nokia E71 Software: Nokia Point and Find Is Totally Amazing … Get Nokia Point and Find: The Most Amazing Application For The Nokia E71! Point To A Movie Poster With The Camera and Watch The Trailer, […]

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