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The Samsung SGH G400 Soul mobile phone is UMTS / GSM Triband with HSDPA high-end and very special, as with external touch screen display. Entering specifically, the phone has design in Conchiglia, an internal display 2.2 inches, resolution of 240×320 pixels and 262 thousand colors, 5 megapixel camera resolution, the Bluetooth technology, media player, radio […]

The LG HB620 has an open design with shell from very compact size. Its size is 88.5 mm in height, 54.9 mm in width and 17.9 mm in thickness while the weight is 110 grams. It has also an internal display of 2 inches, with resolution of 320×240 pixels and can display 262 thousand color […]

The Motorola RIZR Z8, as reported by Ed Zander (CEO of Motorola) as the “media monster”, is one of the most interesting of the year. The Z8 is an intriguing mix of good style and high technology are combined in blend of portentoso design. The Z8 has Symbian operating system supported from 9.2 UIQ 3.1 […]

Design The Motorola V9 RAZR 2 has decidedly attractive design with internal frame made of stainless steel, aluminum and zipper pull Conchiglia. The shape of the cell is rectangular but has thick-thin, just 13.3 mm, while the other dimensions are 103 mm in height and 53 mm in width. The weight is 125 grams. It […]

The Samsung Pixon is touchscreen phone, somewhat similar to the LG Renoir. Like the LG, the unit has an 8-megapixel camera. What is new for me personally is that it is not smartphone. Since the Nokia 7650, I only walk around with Symbian and Windows Mobile devices . In addition to the camera, I will […]

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