Archive for September, 2008

neravy3 asked: HTC 3600 this was bought to France, it runs the French windows, I must change the language to English


Corinth L asked: I have touch of cruise HTC that runs on Windows Mobile 6. Unfortunately, my model of phone is not covered by the rise of the HTC. Anyone know where I can load programs being free upgrade to WM 6.1 for my phone? Thank you!


3000 asked: It works for it and in case so where can carichilo programs subject and I am informed that the magnate of the sprint whiach is almost the exact same telephone update on the work of the magnate on the wing Thanks for all your help

Sharlit ♥ asked: I select video, video surveillance tap, it will open the Windows media players, I say placement, then an error in the window seems DICENTA "It can not carry out the operation at this time" or something following those lines.

Quantum Satis asked: Is there specific enzymes that are made for the apoptosis phone? It is the cellular apoptosis the result of "normal" doing something were not normally supposed to do? Does the death generate an environment for which "normal" & enzymes; other materials phones that work differently in life? If not that genes coding […]

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